The year is winding down and so is the numbered series of Air Jordans. For 2009, Jordan Brand is taking another step forward into the legacy of the man and the brand beginning with the Air Jordan 2009.
A few photos of the upcoming Air Jordan 2009 have been floating around the web, but none quite this clear. Like every pair of Air Jordans, the Jordan 2009 has a unique design to offer that separates it from the rest of the shoes in the market, but the cut away section in the middle of the foot has been a divider for many so far.
What do you think of what you see? If there is anything consistent from year to year, its that the market tends to warm up to the new design as the release date approaches. Word from SoleBlvd is that these will drop on V-day. Dinner or kicks? (don’t let the lady decide for you) ....PROPS TO NICE KICKS SEE MORE PICS HERE

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