Every time I would watch Wild Style I would Freestyle to that Grand Master Caz track. And when I heard it on The IllMatic intro...I knew. Probably like everyone else, that the album was gonna fill that void. I had the IllMatic bootleg we used to be cramped in my old apartment playing it til ninjas came over for 40's and blunts and the ish came up missing....But what I been thinking about is. Where is today's illMatic?!?!? Im looking for a new emcee to fill the void. In this mired pool of substanceless trash. Im tired of empty tracks!! We need someone to put that cape on and come save the day...Maybe we'll have to wait until Nasty Nas' offspring young Knight Jones grows to a man.....who knows --G

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Opinionated Kei said...

Where is today's ILLmatic??? Ha! That'll never happen!!! Don't mean to sound like a downer, cynic or hater, but I have to speak realistically. I believe the reason we get further and further away from the core of hip hop is the artists' internal motivators for lyrics. What I mean is, hip hop in its truest form is an outlet for art and expression. Albums written under those circumstances are what we now refer to as classics. When ILLmatic, Reasonable Doubt, The Chronic, 36 Chambers, etc. were written, these artists were merely telling their stories of daily struggle and survival. The motivation for the lyrics was based on the rapper getting the point across and the creation of hot singles and albums was purely organic.
Today it is hardly the same! The new generation of rappers are now motivated by the glitz and glamour of being a Jay-Z or Snoop Dogg, so they approach album and song creation w/ the sole intention of making hits. Now its unnatural. Its not, "How do I want to pour my soul into this song/album," but "What is hot right now that I have to compete with?"
So based on the newly-formed foundation for the creation of hip hop songs/albums, the art is no longer organic, hindering the abilities of current artists to make classics...in my opinion!